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5 Practical Advise Compact Living Room Design in Singapore



Checking out the living room design Singapore is such a good thing, especially if you are currently looking for ideas on decorating your condo. A condo is mostly small but elegant – you can always bring the best of everything by picking the right things in the first place. That term also applies to a living room.


Living rooms are the place where you can spend time with families, hanging out with friends, showing off your music skill to others, and so on. However, some issues may appear when the area is limited.


Condo, as we all know, commonly comes in a small yet limited space. Still, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make it stand out and comfy at the same time. In this article, we have some tips on decorating a living room in a small condo.

1. Bring in a snuggler


Sofas might be the most common things you see in a living room. Besides, nothing seems as comfortable as a sofa can give. However, it can be bulky in a small living room. Thus, swapping a sofa for small loveseat – or we also call it a loveseat – will be a good move.


You can still have a comfy place to sit in your small living room, enjoying the view without making the room feel cramped. What if it is going to look blunt?


You can always play with textures and patterns. Also, if you are not unsure about what you are looking for, get a free quote from Divas.


2. Mirrors are your friends


In a 1 bedroom condo, the living room might also be tiny. Thus, you can make a space illusion by incorporating mirrors in several spots in your condo. The living room design Singapore also includes mirrors on their list. Besides, mirrors are an old trick that still works fine nowadays.


One way you can try is by installing a mirror on one side of the wall – it can be the entire wall. Mirrors are excellent to reflect the light, which will illuminate the living room even better. On the other hand, it doubles your interior space instantly. All you need to do is to stick with a light colour palette. Keep in mind that colours play a huge role in creating illusions of space.


3. Floating media center


Utilizing floating furniture items is quite trendy for years now. It helps to free up floor space so you can store stools, drawers, and anything underneath. When you create a media center, be sure to keep it minimal and simple – stick to what you need the most from a media center.


You can get ideas from the small hdb. Mounting the TV on the wall will free up more space, while a mounted MDF panel will keep the entire thing neat and tidy. As has been mentioned earlier, stick to what you need the most. A media center doesn’t have to be all-out and bold – you are dealing with a small living room to decorate.


4. Extra storage on the wall


Talking about small living space, utilizing every inch at your condo is essential. On the other hand, you can always turn a functional item into something with a decorative ability as well.
By adding extra storage pieces on the wall, you have extra space to store items. On the other hand, if you use baskets and mount them on the wall, you already create another decorative statement piece in your condo.


Willow baskets are attractive and functional at the same time. You can manage the clutter and items that may float anywhere in your condo easily with those baskets. All you need is a few decorative hooks and some baskets, and things are in control without sacrificing the aesthetic point.


5. Statement piece


Regardless of the room space, a statement piece is a kind of essential. You can always have one or two items for a statement piece. Besides creating a monumental thing in a room, a statement piece can also be a distraction in a lovely way.


Picking the right statement piece will draw anyone’s attention to that item instead of the small living room. This tip is even one of the interior ideas for a small condo.


What can you pick for a statement piece? An oversized table lamp or an armchair wrapped in stunning fabric could be one. Yet, keep the rest of the room clutter-free. The key to decorating a small living room is by staying clutter-free regardless of the room’s theme.




Decorating a small living room shouldn’t be difficult after all. However, the challenge is to keep the entire house as personal as possible without turning it into clutter. The living room design Singapore is the right place to take a look at, which you can access through this link.