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5 Modern Singapore Bedroom Design Ideas For Small Space


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As one of the strategic spaces in the house, the bedroom should be designed to be comfortable, beautiful to look at, and arranged for optimal function. You can apply some Singapore bedroom design ideas so that your bedroom renovation plans can match your expectations. Collaborating with professional interior designers is also highly recommended so that renovation costs can be more economical and of high quality.


This recommendation also applies when you have a bedroom with a limited size. You don’t want to give up with the placement of the wardrobe and bed so that it makes the room cramped. The renovation agenda must be well planned, in collaboration with the most recommended interior design service company, namely Divasinterior.


With many interior design strategies, small master rooms can be tricked so that they have a comfortable layout and have optimal function. You don’t even need to worry about the cost of renovating it soar because you work with a professional interior designer.


There will be opportunities to save funds with the quality of work that is maintained. Here are 5 Modern Singapore bedroom design ideas for small space that you can use or customize to your taste:


Relying On A Variety Of Multifunctional Furniture

Avoid scattering a lot of furniture in a small bedroom. This will make it feel stuffy and uncomfortable. It is better to keep items that are not related to the sleep and rest agenda in another room, such as storing shoes, books, or clothes. But if there is no other room, you can rely on a variety of multifunctional furniture.


You can independently assemble multifunctional furniture, buy it in a store, or entrust this matter to an interior designer. Recommended furniture is for example a cupboard with drawers and hangers, or a bed with a hidden cupboard on the side or under the bed.


The selection of multifunctional furniture on the HDB master bedroom design Singapore is very effective at saving space while helping your belongings be neatly arranged. If you are confused about finding the right furniture for a minimalist room, let’s take a break to get inspiration about interior design by getting a free quote here.


Using A Large Window

Large windows will maximize lighting so that the feeling of cramped and tired will disappear. It would be better if there is a green area behind the window so that the room feels fresh because it is one with nature.


Make sure you put a clear glass on the windows with light-coloured curtains so that the room is protected from the entry of insects or other disturbances.


Big Mirror For Room Illusion

If it is not possible to make a large window for the bedroom, you can work around this by installing large mirrors on many sides of the room. Mirrors will reflect light and create the illusion of a room to feel more spacious. Let’s apply this small bedroom design with Divasinterior for maximum quality work.


Pay Attention To Color And Lighting

Bright colours and maximum lighting are recommended to make the bedroom feel spacious. If you are a lover of dark shades, maybe you can add a light colour for wall borders, curtains, furniture, and other details. That way, your favourite colour can still dominate, but the room is still bright and beautiful to look at.


Applying The Mezzanine Concept For Singapore Bedroom Design

The mezzanine concept is the creation of a neat and simple additional space on the ceiling area or in any other space. This method is often used so that space functions are more optimal and make rooms more spacious and organized.


You can consult further with Divasinterior for the application of a proportional mezzanine concept, you can even make a custom package so that your bedroom remains organized according to taste. 


The credibility of Divasinterior in serving clients is not in doubt. The company has been tested and recognized both in implementing a safety management system, as well as being proficient in managing management and performance.


This is evident from the acquisition of various award certificates including OHSAS 18001 in 2007 and ISO 9001 certificate in 2015. Other awards include obtaining a star-level BizSafe Certificate, as well as holding a license for a trusted HDB interior design company in Singapore.


In the end, the decision to renovate the bedroom is yours. Do you want to endure a stuffy and uncomfortable atmosphere, or choose to move on immediately and immediately implement the Singapore bedroom design? Don’t miss the chance to get free quotes on interior design here as the first step to getting a beautiful room with a smart layout.