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2 Modern Ideas for Bedroom Interior Design Singapore 2021



Do you feel that your bedroom interior design is dull now? So, you have sleeping disorders and nightmares easily? Maybe you need a modern idea for bedroom interior design in Singapore 2021 that evokes your nightlife and all the activities that need to be done in the bedroom such as studying, working, and worshipping?



You can find the best bedroom interior design in Singapore on the internet, in architectural magazines, or on library research. Make it all a reference to find the modern bedroom design that you dream of.


If you have trouble or doubtful about determining the design that best suits your needs, you can consult a contemporary interior designer from a reliable interior design firm near you. We also have several references of modern ideas for bedroom interior design Singapore 2021 that can inspire you.


Modern Master Bedroom Interior Design



Modern master bedroom interior design is expected to represent the character of the house owner. It is different from contemporary interior design. Modern is about now and the near future. Meanwhile, the contemporary is about the classic and classy.


The interior designer who works on this project must be able to find out the deepest desires of the occupant of the master room. Is this the main bedroom only as a place to rest at night or when you feel exhausted or the room which also has function as a workspace?


When you have determined the function, it will be easy for you to find the appropriate modern master bedroom interior design Singapore. You can try the bedroom interior design in Singapore with two nuances separated by a solid partition.


The area of the bed is given muted shades of color like pastel colors that bring sleep tight. You can put the bed in the center of the room, then install the panel on the wall above your head. You can choose synthetic leather that looks like a cushion and sticks to the wall with a certain pattern.


Whether it is diagonal, vertical, or dots. Meanwhile, the partition used can be wood carvings that are permanently affixed in the middle of the room or iron threads with glass. In that workspace, you can put a desk and chair to work or an armchair to read and write in your leisure time.


Small Bedroom Ideas Singapore


Do you have a small bedroom and its so-yesterday design? Why don’t you try all these small bedroom ideas in Singapore? These 4 small bedroom design ideas will bring a new vibe to your private room.

  • The illusion of space with long curtains. Install the curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. Make sure the color of the curtains matches the color of the walls. Your eyes will be more open because they’re not distracted by contrasting colors.
  • The placement of the bed in the center of the main wall is better than pushing one side against an adjacent wall. Space to walk on both sides of the bed is a simple layout that makes the room more spacious. You can apply this as the HDB master bedroom design.
  • Keep the room neat and clean. When you don’t have a lot of stuff in a small bedroom, it’s very helpful. You can also have a small bedroom which looks wider when all items are neatly and orderly arranged.
  • Use a multipurpose wardrobe. You need a dressing table with an attached wardrobe so it doesn’t take up much space. You can buy this kind of wardrobe in a store or even make it yourself by asking for advice from an interior designer of a firm like Diva’s Interior Design. He will show you where to order a custom wardrobe like that.


An award-winning firm, Diva’s Interior Design, can help you to beautify your private room based on your needs, budget, and deepest desires bedroom interior design in Singapore. The Custome Package is one of its best services which brings you to a new vibe of your room.