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5 Interior Design Styles for Your Dream Home



In interior design, there are many different styles to choose from. You can find a style that will work well with your personal taste, as well as the interior of your home. In this blog post we will go over 5 different interior design styles that you may want to consider for your dream home!




In the early 1900s, art deco style evolved as a response to new technology and cultural changes. The movement was led by artists such as Le Corbusier and Pablo Picasso who were looking for ways to express themselves in their work with light-weight materials that afforded them more freedom of expression through shape and colour than previous styles had allowed.


They did this largely by using geometric shapes like triangles or squares which are at least two dimensional objects without any curves. Decoration became one way of expressing emotion: negative space could be used functionally but also aesthetically too while decorative motifs often featured circles surrounded by lines inspired from nature such as plants or waves suggesting positive feelings within the design object itself – even if it’s just a lamps




When it comes to design, the Chalet style is a timeless and charming option. These warm residences feature wooden beams on ceilings, walls of glass windows with mountain views or indoor fireplaces for when winter strikes. A chalet is a type of building that originated in Switzerland and was soon adopted by people all around the world. Chalets are usually made with wood, stone, or brick; they have slanted roofs to deflect snow from accumulating on them during winter storms.


They’re often found beside lakes where fishermen reside for much of their lives without ever leaving home! These buildings can be big enough to house an entire family but also small enough for just one person’s needs too–the only limit is your budget (and imagination). Chalets were originally built as homes near Swiss mountain villages high up in the mountainside so that villagers could store food year-round outside while still remaining sheltered from wolves and other predators below at ground level.



Kitchen Interior Design

The Classical design style is a popular type of interior decorating. The main components consist of furniture, drapery and decorative items that are typically simple in form with linear designs to create symmetry throughout the space.

Modern interpretations allow for more intricate lines while maintaining a sense or orderliness through shapes such as squares or rectangles arranged into patterns on walls and floors until an abstract grid emerges from contrast between light colors against dark backgrounds much like paintings by Piet Mondrian found at museums.

around the world today depicting grids created using diagonal black verticals across white canvasses sometimes adding contrasting horizontal bands forming three-dimensional cubes within these two dimensions creating depth without perspective yet suggesting dimensionality which their simplicity allows them to be applied successfully anywhere whether it’s in residential homes.



Industrial interiors are characterized by their raw materials, such as rough concrete and steel. The look is often considered cool and edgy with a touch of modernity. Industrial style can be the perfect design for those who don’t want to compromise on aesthetics or comfort – it’s rustic but also offers many textures that make you feel at home (or somewhat like an explorer!).


Industrial interior design is very versatile, and it can be applied to a wide range of interior types.

This interior style works well in kitchens because the kitchen’s appliances are considered “essential” items – so they’re often made from metal or wood with an industrial finish.


Moreover, natural materials such as stone, concrete and wood complement these interior design styles well. Industrial contemporary interior designing is a popular trend, and it’s one of the best interior designs for those who want to have that modern touch in their home without compromising on aesthetics or comfort.

Industrial interior decorating can range from classic-country chic such as incorporating rustic natural materials with modern accents, to playing up industrial elements like exposed brick walls, steel beams and unfinished concrete floors.””



MID-CENTURY MODERN is a popular interior design style that emerged during the 20th century, most notably in America and Western Europe.

Designers of mid-century modern architecture sought to create functional living spaces with clean lines using minimal decoration or ornamentation. This look can often be recognized by its use of glossy surfaces paired against natural materials.

such as wood planks and stone tiles for flooring, white walls contrasted with dark stained furniture pieces accented by colorful upholstery fabric on chairs and sofas, crisp geometric patterns found on curtains or textiles tossed over armchairs to add pops color

without overwhelming your eye; chrome fixtures are also common because they offer an industrial feel while maintaining functionality – all while being sleek enough not distract from the interior design itself.


There also interior design styles that are currently trending, such as:


  • Scandinavian interior design has a strong focus on organic shapes and textures, which are often contrasted against crisp white walls or natural wood floors to create an interesting balance between minimalism and boldness.

In this style, there will be plenty of plants, greenery in pillows or throws as well as textiles like wool for warmth during colder seasons – without looking cluttered!

  • Japanese interior styles are known for their minimalist approach to clutter while still maintaining order; they draw heavily from nature with sweeping curves in furniture that gives off a feeling of lightness.
  • Modern interior design is characterized by clean, uncluttered surfaces and an absence of excess decoration.
  • Contemporary interior design is characterized as being comfortable yet elegant with a focus on natural shapes found in nature like flowing water or curving lines.
  • French style interior design is characterized by elegant, romantic and formal interior design.
  • Asian interior style interior is typically defined as modern but with an emphasis on natural materials like wood instead of steel, stone or concrete.
  • Feng Shui interior design are based on the principles of Feng Shui – maximizing space while minimizing clutter to create balance in your home.



You want a great looking home that reflects your style, but how do you know what interior design styles are for you? If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by all of the different options out there or just not sure where to start, don’t worry.

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Our DivasInterior team has experience with many types of projects including residential homes, commercial offices, restaurants as well as retail stores and more – so no matter which industry you work in or personal taste you prefer (modern contemporary rustic), our experts can help make it happen!