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4 Singapore Interior Design Ideas for Modern Classic Kitchen with Partial Open



Modern classic kitchen

The kitchen is the most important part of the house, the kitchen is also the heart of the household. The fact that the comfortable kitchen determines the results of the dishes he makes. For that, the more comfortable your kitchen, make the more delicious dishes. So this time we will discuss interior design kitchen ideas in Singapore.

Design-and-Build Process

Before we get into the discussion of interior design kitchen inspiration in Singapore, we will discuss the preparation of kitchen renovation. The initial stage is the submission of a design proposal from the contractor to the client, after being agreed by both parties, besides having to pay 10% of the predetermined price. 


Then, after determining what products and furniture to be used, the client must pay 40% of the bid price for the purchase of goods. Then, the work process will be carried out and the client will receive regular reports from the job site.


The entire renovation process activity takes about 3.5 months or according to the difficulty level during renovation. So, from here we can conclude that before carrying out the home renovation process, we must prepare the costs and the estimated time for the renovation work to be completed. 

So that the renovation process can run smoothly without any obstacles.


Expansion plans

Modern kitchen ideas Singapore

If we talk about Interior design in Singapore that also means having expansion plans. Namely by collaborating directly with furniture stores. 


Here, clients can immediately choose the desired furniture to determine the design they expect. Furthermore, the design will be discussed with the kitchen designer and contractors so that the renovation process can be carried out. Of course, this expansion plan is very helpful for clients looking for renovation ideas


Because usually in furniture stores there are also some descriptions of renovating parts of the house such as the kitchen, bedroom or living room.



Kitchen Design Guide

So here we present some kitchen interior design ideas to make your kitchen look more elegant and comfortable.


  • Scandinavian Kitchen Style

kitchen classic ideas singapore


First is a Scandinavian-style kitchen. This kitchen interior design makes use of natural light. This open space concept also relies on wall paint with bright colours such as blue-white light grey or pastel colours to make it seem airy. Then the furniture consists of open and neat shelves. The floor of this Scandinavian-style kitchen is also made of wood.



  • Modern Classic Kitchen Style


The modern kitchen design is a new interior design that uses an open concept. Usually, there will be a mix of styles and colours to produce an elegant design. A unique combination will also result from your desires. This classic open kitchen style will usually create a relaxed cooking atmosphere. With the selection of invisible storage shelves, it will give a modern and wide impression to your small kitchen design.



  • Pedestrian Kitchen Style

The third is a country-style kitchen. You will again be reminded of the warmth of the kitchen in a very natural village. The colour combination used is soft colours with wooden condiments. Also, there are antique accessories that will give you a classic impression.


So that this rustic-style kitchen interior design doesn’t look old-fashioned, you can combine it with modern accessories such as choosing storage shelves and other furniture that still has natural colours.


  • Dark kitchen style


The last one is a condo kitchen design with a dark theme. Dark colours will not always give a gloomy impression if you can combine dark colours with contrasting colours. This will create an elegant new kitchen atmosphere. You can use the white ceiling or the floor. Also, take advantage of natural incoming light so it doesn’t seem too dark.



Well, from the four kitchen interior design models above, you can choose one or combine them according to your wishes. The estimated prices for this kitchen renovation process range from $ 800- $ 2600 if light, $ 6550-11,950 if medium, and $ 11,950- $ 2,450 if heavy. It all depends on the difficulty level of the renovation.


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