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Your Guidelines To Get The Perfect IKEA Pax Wardrobe in Singapore



Are you thinking about creating your IKEA wardrobe Singapore organizer? The Ikea Pax is a wardrobe closet that has a pull-out shelf that can be used to store shoes and coats. It is easy to hang clothes because it has a built-in hanger rod. The Ikea Pax can be ordered with either a white or black finish. This is the best option if you are looking for a wardrobe closet with plenty of storage space.

If you follow the trends and buy a Pax, then this article is the right place. For those with a bigger wardrobe and who like to mix and match different colored clothing. You will see them in other colors, like blue, brown, orange, and red, since they have many different shades and hues. It is neutral and will complement most decor.

Steps to get your best Pax IKEA wardrobe Singapore

Measure the space you have for Pax frames

You’ll have to measure the area that you can use to store your collection from ceiling to floor and from wall to wall. A few different sizes are available, but they’re only available in 2 heights: 200 cm and 240 cm. Be sure to allow an extra clearance of about 1 cm for the wardrobe when it’s upright. You’ll also need at least a 4 cm clearance for the sliding doors for your IKEA sliding wardrobe. Width is either 50 cm, 75 cm, or 100 cm, and depth is either 35 cm or 58 cm.

You can choose between three frame colors – white, black-brown, and white-stained oak effect.

Pick your door, knobs, and handles

If you want to ensure that your frames perfectly match the interior decoration, you can choose from different hinged doors (25cm or 50cm wide) or pairs of soft closing sliding doors (150cm or 200cm wide). You can skip the doors and go straight into the closet if you want an IKEA-open wardrobe Singapore.

Your hinged doors need knobs or handle to complete the look. To replace a knob, unscrew it, flip the door over, and pull out the old knob.

Organize the inside look of your Pax wardrobe Singapore

Your IKEA wardrobe needs to be organized to make it easier to find what you need for any day or evening. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should be easy to see what’s inside at a glance. Organize your clothing by color, season, and type. Keep your shoes in shoe boxes or a shoe rack. If you keep them in a drawer, try to use clear containers to keep them from getting too messy. If you are like most people, you tend to buy many clothes in the winter and much less in the summer. 

Pick lighting for your IKEA wardrobe Singapore

You can add the finishing touch to your PAX IKEA wardrobe Singapore with lighting for your clothing. IKEA’s new smart home devices include options that allow you to control lighting and sensor lights that automatically turn on when you open or close a door.

You should try custom trim IKEA wardrobe Singapore

You can also choose to have custom trim applied along the edges of the frames to make them pop. A popular way to cover the seams between the frames of a picture frame and the wall is to use custom trim. It acts as a filler, and it’s often used to finish off a ceiling. This is an awesome addition to any transitional design theme in your wardrobe Singapore.

Buy your wardrobe in Pax Planner 

After you have an idea of what you want, you can use the PAX planner tool to make better decisions about what to buy. It is possible to see how the frames, doors, handles, and lighting looks in a virtual room of your pax IKEA wardrobe Singapore. Adding products to your shopping list will allow you to go to the store or purchase them online.

Choose your IKEA Pax Wardrobe with Diva’s Interior

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