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5 IKEA Open Rack Ideas To Organize Your Kitchen



IKEA kitchen rack Singapore has many different kitchen racks that can help organize your kitchen and make it easy to clean up. They can also transform you into the most organized person on the planet.

Kitchen racks are practical for those who prefer to display or showcase their things rather than hide them. The kitchen rack doesn’t just look great in any kitchen; it’s functional. If you want to install them there, there are many ways you can. With some creative thinking, you can make an open shelf the most spectacular element of your kitchen.

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Here are 5 IKEA rack kitchen ideas to organize your kitchen:

Combine open and closed concepts with IKEA rack kitchen

You can mix and match your open racks to find a suitable system for you. Create a balanced look by pairing an available rack with some cabinetry that covers up less attractive items.

Instead of having to replace all upper cabinets with open racks, select one location for your kitchen pantry. Over the sink for easy cleanup, beside the stove for easy access to cooking ingredients, or in the serving area for dishes and small kitchen appliances.

Get creative with your IKEA rack kitchen

There are two types of open shelving – racks and rails with hooks. Some shelves are made for pans and other utensils. Use a hanging cabinet under the sink for condiments, or a pantry with a pull-out shelf for oils and cleaning supplies. If wall space is at a premium, install a tool rack on your island to hold small pots, spatulas, and an often-used kitchen. Also included is a space for odds and ends.

Try IKEA trolley for your IKEA rack kitchen

If you’re looking for something special and unique to fill your kitchen cupboards with, then Raskog could be just the solution for you. This trolley rack actually adds the same effect of open shelving, which adds a bit of interest and is super practical.

If you don’t have enough room in your kitchen for all of your pots, pans, and baking needs, then consider this Ikea kitchen trolley rack instead of buying more kitchen cabinets. It’s affordable, easy to assemble, and will free up valuable kitchen counter space for food prep.

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Add spice rack from IKEA rack kitchen

This spice rack is a clever way to organize your spices. All you would need is a tester pot and a small paintbrush to make it more of a feature in your kitchen. It’s practical, beautiful, and useful. You can get this spice rack in IKEA with keywords such as IKEA wall rack or IKEA kitchen wall rack. 

Try floating open racks from IKEA rack kitchen

For storing all your jars, you obviously need some open shelving. An open shelving rack is a really quick and easy way to add a load of interest to your kitchen. They don’t just look good in kitchens and bathrooms, they’re practical too.

Fill your home or office with some of your favorite things and you’ll look amazing. We love the industrial look of the Kungfors Ikea kitchen storage which is really affordable, too.

Advantages of using floating racks in kitchen

Maximize small space

If a small kitchen has wall cabinets that are crammed with pots, pans, and other kitchen equipment, the floating rack can help it feel more spacious and act as your kitchen organizer. It is possible to make a small room look bigger and brighter by using floating racks as a kitchen organizer, but it is also possible to make the space work better for the user.

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Easy access

A floating open rack for the kitchen gives you easy access to the things you use every day. There is plenty of small kitchen organizer for easy access to your cookware and dinnerware. You can also eliminate cabinet clutter by installing drawer pulls.

If you’re planning to entertain friends and family this summer, you can use floating racks to make finding what you need easy for guests while also maintaining your kitchen organizer.

Allows you to personalize your kitchen

There’s more to the floating open rack than meets the eye. They help you create a unique look, and they let you display your favorite items and tell your story while also serving as a kitchen organizer.

Floating open racks aren’t just for dinnerware, kitchen wares, and food items.

The best way to store liquor bottles is in liquor cabinets. Use these cabinets to display treasured photos, artwork, or knick-knacks. The racks allow you to store a variety of items, whether you use them for storage, display, or both.

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