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5 Things You Can Do With IKEA Foldable Tables


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Foldable tables can be more versatile than you think. They can be a great idea to save space in your house.


IKEA, a Swedish home furnishing company has various foldable tables with very interesting features. These tables are not only multipurpose, but also robust and reliable. It is a great way to enhance the versatility of your home as they can be used in many different ways and fit almost anywhere. They can be folded up or down, so you can use them for extra storage space or as a table when needed. It’s a great way to store the table when it is not being used and still have access to it whenever you need it. Another great thing about these tables is that they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so you will definitely find one that fits your needs.

So, are you wondering how to make use of your IKEA foldable table? Let’s see 5 things you can do with them!

1. Dining Table

When you have a small space and need a dining table, the IKEA foldable tables are great because they don’t take up too much space when not in use. You can move them around the house with ease so that they don’t take up too much space when not in use. Plus, you can fold it up and store it somewhere else when not in use.

It is very easy to transform a foldable table into a dining table. All you need is a fitted cloth and some sort of chair or stool to make it look more presentable. If you want the folding table to serve as your main dining table, then go for a rectangular table top with strong legs. For example, the square IKEA foldable table has four solid legs that are perfect for holding up weighty dishes and plates and can serve as your dining table.


2. Computer Desk

When it comes to using IKEA foldable tables as a computer desk, you can do more than just fit them with a laptop. Since they are lightweight and portable, you can work anywhere by moving them around the house as you please. Use one in your bedroom as an extra surface for your tablet or phone. Move it into the living room when you have friends over to use as a card table or for coffee and dessert. You can even take it outside and use it as a place to put your drink while you lounge in the sun.

Geylang Serai Interior Design and Renovation in Singapore

3. Craft Table

The IKEA foldable tables are great for craft tables, especially if you have kids. Since they are so light and portable, it is easy to move them around the house as needed. If you want to take a break from working on a project, just move it out of the way until you are ready to start again. If you need more space, or simply want to clear off some clutter, you can easily do that as well. They are also easy to store when you aren’t using them, which is great for small spaces.

4. Bedside Table

If you have a small space and need a bedside table, these tables are great because they fold up and are portable. There are small foldable tables available in IKEA and you can go for a round one for your bedside. You can move them around the house with ease. Plus, if you want to move the bed or something, you can just fold it up and take it with you.

5. Display

Display tables are very versatile. You can use them to display anything from pictures, to products, or even a simple vase of flowers. These tables are easy to set up and put away so you can store them in the closet when not in use. The foldable design allows you to create more space for storage and display other items when needed since it might not always be necessary to have the display table.


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