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How To Choose A Color For Your “4-Room” Interior Design Project.


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The “four-room” is a very common assignment that students are given, requiring the student to design an interior for four different rooms of a house. Many times the students will be assigned to do this in their own home or have permission from their parents to bring samples home. This can be done as an individual project or by working with a partner. This assignment is a good way to introduce or reinforce color concepts and principles of design, which can lead to a better understanding of how to use color in the future for students who are interested in studying interior design. Choosing a color for each room is an important part of the project as it sets the tone for that room. The color you choose will affect the overall mood of each room, as well as its function, by emphasizing certain features and hiding others.

Have you ever noticed how the color of a room can dramatically change with just a few new choice pieces? Often we think that good design and ideas come from the minds of those in the industry and we outsiders just have to trust they know what is best for us. I believe if homeowners were more involved in the process, we would get better results. This article will give you some basics on choosing a color palette for your whole house project so that you can take an active role in creating your dream home!

Look Around And Notice What Colors Speak To You.

The first thing to do is look around and notice what colors speak to you. Start with basic furniture pieces like couches and rugs which are often overlooked in the design process. The colors of these items can easily change your whole décor. Next, take notice of the natural light in each room and how it plays off the walls. The brightness or dullness of a room is one of its most important characteristics that should be considered when choosing an overall color scheme. Also, if you have dark wood molding or trim, lighter walls will help to keep the room from looking smaller. If you want a bright and airy space, paint your walls white. If you want a cozy feel in your family room, go for beige.

Colors in your house can have a powerful effect on how you feel, for example, if your living room has a lot of red pillows and fabrics, it will probably make you feel more energized. If your office is full of blue walls and furniture, it will probably help you focus. When deciding on a color scheme for your whole house, start with the main colors in one room, then add two accent colors to make it feel well-balanced. The best way to keep a cohesive look throughout your house is by choosing a combination of paint or wallpaper for each room that works together.

A room full of red will make you feel energized and active, while blue will help you focus. A space that has cool colors like blues and greens will give a peaceful feeling while warm colors like yellow and red can make you feel energetic. If you’re looking for a good color scheme to use in your house, try the one Use neutral browns and grays as an accent color to keep things balanced. Black is also a great color to use in small spaces because it will make them look bigger!

Choosing A Color For Your “4-room” Interior Design Project.

I would recommend that you choose blue paint. Blue is a color that can be used for almost any room in your house, and it is calming and relaxing, which will make it easier to work on the project. Blue also brings to mind feelings of responsibility and wisdom. Of course, if the room is blue, you won’t use as much paint, and you will be using an expensive color. So if your room is already blue, I would recommend that you choose a more affordable shade of blue for your project. Unless the project requires the exact color of your walls, of course. In which case go with whatever you have.

The color wheel gives different color schemes that work well together based on properties like complementary (opposite of each other), analogous (contiguous colors on the wheel), or complementary (opposite colors on the wheel). This color wheel is very good for choosing a color scheme because it keeps things simple by using one neutral for contrast, two accent colors, and one main color.

You can also come up with your own color schemes by using the complimentary, analogous, or monochromatic (different shades of one color) properties. This is what I call the “4-Room” rule of color. Once you have your main color, use it in two rooms and then choose two accent colors that will work well with your main. The best way to keep a cohesive look throughout your house is by choosing a combination of paint or wallpaper for each room that works together.


I hope this article has helped you understand the importance of color choice in decorating, and how to make it work for you! The next time you are looking for a new paint color, consider harmonious combinations that will give the balance of your room. If you would like to learn more about interior design, I recommend checking out some other articles on this website.

There are many color schemes to choose from, just remember the rules of complementary, analogous, and monochromatic colors. This will help you create a beautiful space that flows throughout your whole house. Remember to start with simple furniture pieces like couches and rugs because they are a good base for your color scheme. Once you’ve chosen your colors, choose a wallpaper or paint for each room that will work well together! If you’re interested in bto 4 room interior design please contact us. We provide interior designing and renovation.