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How Much Cost Renovation In Singapore 2021? In Average



It is not easy to make renovation in SingaporeAlthough it seems simple, this renovation needs a consultant. Renovation needs a good arrangement style. Therefore, you can feel comfortable, enjoy and relax. Healthy and safe are important things in home renovation. 



However, many problems will be found when we renovate our home in Singapore. To get the efficient cost of the renovation, you didn’t anything yourself. Perhaps, you find many problems, such as:


  • You cannot involve the renovation process yourself. It needs some effort and time to arrange and replace all the things in your home.
  • The costs of home renovation in Singapore sometimes too expensive.
  • The typical renovation cost is not appropriated with our planning.
  • The last problem is the duration time. Home renovation in Singapore sometimes needs a long time duration to finish the project.

Based on the problems above, we should find the appropriate renovation package in Singapore. 


The Rule for HDB Renovation in Singapore



The implementation of Renovation HDB needs some rules. This rule has the points to make the renovation well as the following:

  • Renovation contractor involves the contractor that is come from the Directory of Contractor (DRC). It usually to renovate the home. This activity doesn’t need HDB approval. 
  • Disclosure and the wall hacking (whole area or just a part) need the HDB agreement written previously.
  • The HDB agreement/ approval makes sure that the disclosure job or the hacking is not affect the structural integrity of the building. Besides, it should not make the public safe.
  • If the building integrity has been affected, that problem will make them dangerous. The risk can be gotten by your household and neighbour. 
  • Don’t instruct the worker/employee/somebody to make hacking or demolition if the instruction has not yet been approved by the HDB agreement written. 

Therefore, you should obey the rule to make the renovation comfortable and safe. 


Knowing the Average Renovation Cost in Singapore


Before you decide to renovate, you should know the information about renovation costFor the home renovation of 4 room HDB Flat, it has different budgets. The cost is depending on the categories. 

  • The average total cost is $23.900 for the average light renovation.
  • For the average modern renovation, need a budget of about $ 550.750.
  • If you want to choose Average Exclusive renovation, it needs $ 144.150.

The total budget renovation is including all remodelling areas that is starting from hacking, masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, glass, polishing, cleaning, and appliance. 


The Cost of Renovation in Singapore Based on the Style 



After you know renovation cost Singapore based on the categories. You should know the budget renovation package depending on theme and style as the following:

  • For the contemporary style, it need $ 72.530 (HDB), $ 78.133 (Condo) and $ 657.950 (Landed). 
  • For the modern style, it need $ 60.304 (HDB), $ 78.386 (Condo) and $ 423. 652 (Landed). 
  • For the minimalist style, it need $ 62.471 (HDB), $74.494 (Condo) and $ 358.125 (landed).
  • If you select the vintage style, it needs $ 89.556 (HDB), $ 80.552 (Condo), and $ 50.000 (landed).  


You have opportunities to select more themes, for example, Scandinavian, electric, traditional, industrial, retro, and transitional. Besides, you can make the custom by using the service from Divas Interior. 


How They Involved in the Renovation Process?


Divas Interior always helps the consumer to finish the project till the end. Besides, Divas Interior provides licensed professional interior design. You can plan the DIY project with the Divas Interior, so the interior designers help your DIY in the home renovation process. The consultant and crew always help to finish the project based on the guidelines. 


The Way to Arrange the Finance of the Project


If you don’t have money, you can find budget renovation with a home equity loan. Personal loans usually provide an interest rate of about 6 – 7 % higher than renovation loans. You should prepare 15 % off all your budget. It can be used for the support budget if you need additional cost for the interior design budget.


You can find any information on the home renovation Singapore blog for looking for renovation ideas.


Those the reason why Divas Interior is the recommended interior designer. Many homeowners and clients use this service because Divas Interior gets a rating of 3,4 from 4 homeowners. 


Besides, Divas Interior provides a custom package for the services. Many clients choose Divas Interior because it offers affordable –efficient time, high-quality service, and transparency services.


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