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Checklist Plan For An HDB Bathroom Renovation



Do you know what a hdb bathroom renovation is? It’s when someone renovates their home to comply with the Home Design Brief (HDB). You will need to figure out how many rooms need new bathrooms and what size they should be. If you’re not sure, check your local council for guidelines. Find inspiration in our hdb bathroom renovation ideas and checklist plan!

How much do you need to invest in a  HDB bathroom renovation?

So you’re wondering how much it’ll cost to renovate your entire house? Well, on average the costs range from $4,000-$7,000.

For all of us that enjoy DIY projects and a good challenge with our spare time there’s nothing better than taking up an apartment renovation project! Luckily for those who are more budget conscious we found out some really helpful statistics about what these apartments typically run in terms of renovations over at HomeAdvisor.com: while they start around four thousand dollars and go as high as seven grand if you need major work done- but even just minor improvements can be far less expensive like adding new paint or updating your countertops which only set people back anywhere between one hundred fifty bucks (plus tax) to two thousand dollars (plus tax).

Here’s an estimation of a basic bathroom renovation cost:

  • To hack a bathroom about $2,400-$3,000
  • Plumbling about $2,400-$3,000
  • Tilling about $6,000-$8,000
  • Shower screen about $1,200-$1,500
  • Vanity about $1,500-$2,400 (depending on the size)

With the costs to renovate a bathroom starting at $6,000 and going up into the tens of thousands for full-scale remodels costing well over one hundred thousand dollars or more. There are many factors that will determine how much you spend including your materials and finishes such as opting for fancy designer tiles versus regular ceramic ones which can change your cost little by little.

Of course there’s no way to estimate exactly what it will cost without knowing all of these details: whether you’re planning on using expensive material like marble or tile; if you need a small compact vanity unit rather than taking out walls in order to add space with an expansive suite style bathtub being just some examples among vast endless possibilities!

What can alter your HDB toilet reno budget?

A well-thought bathroom renovation can change your life. It is not just about the new tile; think smart showers with voice and WiFi control, heated floors, non-slip flooring that will make you feel like a million bucks every time you walk in there!

A good bath remodeling project start from the ground up: consider hot water heaters to keep warm toes or feet on those cold winter mornings when getting out of bed means jumping into an ice bucket full of freezing water. A shower with speakers so it becomes more than just another place where we clean ourselves but also somewhere for entertainment – imagine bathing while listening to Mozart or Beyoncé? For people who work long hours at their office desk all day building spreadsheets and crunching numbers, a bath can be the perfect place to decompress and relax.

What is included in a HDB bathroom renovation package?

When it comes to toilet renovations, you’ll never go wrong with a few necessary changes. Before your consultation even begins, make sure that the basics are covered: replace any worn-out parts and fix anything faulty or broken in order for everything to function as best as possible after completion of all work. Clean out the pipes so that there is plenty of water going into them at all times; this will ensure flushing success every time! You should also be checking behind the tank periodically – if seen on inspection day (or whenever), they may want to do some fixing while they’re already in there doing other stuff too which can help save money overall later on down the line when these things start failing again from lack care.

Usually, when you opt for a complete bathroom renovation, it includes some basic things like:

  • Hacking
  • Plumbing work for new piping
  • New tile finish
  • Waterproofing works
  • Shower screen
  • New bath fixture


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HDB Toilet Renovation Tips To Make Your Tiny Bathroom Feel More Spacious

1. Expand the toilet by extending it outwards

According to HDB renovation rules, you can expand your bathroom by up to 0.6 square metres or 600mm in width. While it might not seem like much on paper, you could fit an entire sink or small cupboard into that tiny space. If you are lucky enough to have adjacent bathrooms typically seen in 3-Room Improved and 4-Room HDB flats, then one of them may be combined with the other without any problems at all! You should consult HDB before making anything permanent though because even if your unit allows for expansion work doesn’t mean they will allow combining two separate bath facilities together as well!

2. Install sliding doors

I don’t know about you, but I find myself doing acrobatics to dodge the door while entering and exiting my tiny toilet. That’s all well and good for a few seconds when it feels like an intense game of Twister – til your knees hit that back wall by accident or someone else gets in on the act (and suddenly “giant” is no longer just an adjective). So if things are feeling crowded around there, here’s what you need: replace that pesky old swinging door with one of those sliding ones. This way, instead of fighting against gravity every time as soon as we open up our little home away from home-town (which incidentally also has us dodging elbows), we can sidle right through without having to worry about the size of our waistline.

3. Install wall-mounted or compact fixtures

Floor space comes at an exceptional with regards to small restrooms, which is the reason it’s judicious to keep as numerous installations off the floor and to pick minimal adaptations. 

Where conceivable, introduce a divider mounted bowl, latrine bowl and cupboards. It’ll give you more floor space to work with and a less jumbled look. The most awesome thing: keeping the floor impediment unrestrained choice make cleaning a breeze, and it additionally gives less freedom to grime and shape to gather. 

On the other hand, a smaller corner bowl and spigot occupy practically no room at all and will do ponders in keeping your latrine a messiness free region.

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