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4 Top Ideas for HDB 5 Room Floor Plan



HDB 5 Room Floor Plan is a very popular topic among Singaporeans. HDB flats are affordable and convenient, so it’s no wonder that many people want to know more about this type of housing. 

Here you will find some ideas for your next HDB 5 room floor plan!



Most people are familiar with the typical HDB layout! one room is a living space, another is for cooking and eating and so on. However, you don’t have to live your life that way!

You can take down walls to create an open-concept floor plan. This requires more planning before beginning construction, but when done right it creates a truly unique home from which you will never want to leave!

One of the most popular benefits of this kind of design is how much natural light flows through the house at all times.

Even if nothing else about your new home makes you feel happy or cheerful, waking up in the morning bathed in sunlight should make you smile every time!

Plus it’s great not having any dead zones in the house. no matter where you are, there is always something interesting to see.

Another great thing about this type of design is how it can be used as a space-saving measure in an otherwise small home.

For example, if you have two people living together who would both like their own bedroom, each could get one side of the duplex and they still wouldn’t take up any more square footage than usual!



A common problem with HDB living is that the kitchen and dining area are often in a room together. This can be awkward for many!

Especially since some people don’t want to cook, or others may not want their food too close to where they’re eating it.

If you have a wet part of your house (kitchen) and dry part of your house (bathroom), dividing them will make everyone’s life easier.

You never know who might come over when cooking dinner on an evening and now there isn’t any chance of dirtying up the bathroom floor!

Plus if one person has allergies, this design makes sure no allergens go way from their designated space into yours.

An added bonus about this type of design is that it’s easier to clean.

The kitchen, dining area and bathroom are all in their own separate spaces so you don’t have any buildup going on!



Many people live in HDB flats and have one bedroom. This is a popular layout because it’s both affordable and efficient for many!

But if you’re looking to change your design, take some time to consider the options available to you!

For example, instead of having just a bed against the wall with no more space than that, think about knocking down walls or adding furniture pieces so there are different zones within the same room.

This might not seem like much on paper but when done correctly it can make all the difference in your day-to-day experience.

Plus these types of layouts create spaces where guests could stay overnight without feeling cramped or uncomfortable at all which may come in handy from time to time 😉



The Japanese style is characterized by the use of wood, which we can take full advantage of and build around.

From there, it will be essential to include a lot more windows in order to minimize any excess feeling from being shut up inside all day long and give us plenty of natural light exposure as well.

The very first thing that comes into play when designing an abode with this particular aesthetic would have to do with choosing what kind materials are going make up its structure:

you want something lightweight like bamboo or some other type wooden material so that not only does your house feel lighter but also gives off that traditional airy quality where everything seems

spacious because space has been allowed for between each piece rather than them just stacking on top one another regardlessly.

In addition to the type of material, it’s important to choose what color you want for your wood.

While a lighter shade might seem tempting because of how light and airy it is, we have to keep in mind that this also will give off more heat from the sun which can be problematic come summer time when things are already hot enough as they are!

Instead, I would recommend going with either a dark brown or black so that not only does your house stay cool but matches all other components on its 

exterior like doors and windows too, making everything uniformed looking instead of mismatched.

If you’re still worried about the heat factor then try adding some greenery around yourself such as plants inside or outside for added insulation.

The next step would be to think about how we want the inside of our house to look- what motifs, colors and textures are most appealing to your eye?

Maybe you like darker shades so that it gives off a more intimate feeling or maybe you prefer lighter, brighter colors in order to feel more awake and refreshed.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important that you include all of these things into your design in order to make it feel like a home that’s truly yours.


  • Choose the type of material for your house, for example, bamboo.
  • Decide on the color of your house’s wood–light or dark? Choose a darker shade if you are worried about the heat.
  • Decide on what type of style you would like your home to have, for example, dark or light? Dark colors are more intimate while lighter shades make people feel more awake and refreshed.
  • Get creative with shapes–it might not seem like a lot at first but when done right it can make all the difference in your day-to-day experience.



If you’re ready to do your own HDB 5 room renovation, be prepared for the plan ideas above or else. You could save your time by hiri a professional contractor or interior designer who can help manage the project and advise on how best to make use of space in such a small area.

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