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Do You Need Customised Renovation Packages In Singapore?



Having a house that is truly home is a blessing. Especially if you live in Singapore. You can’t always get a spacious and comfortable house as you wish. Sometimes when you find a building, whether it’s an apartment unit or a house, you have to renovate it for the sake of your own convenience. The renovation package Singapore is all you need to makeover your residence as you wish. 

Remodel The Interior Design Inside Your House


As we know that a house is only a building. To make that house to be a home, a warm home with your private touch, you need to remodel the interior design inside your house. Maybe you wish to have a spacious kitchen. That’s why you need to dismantle the family room to get a wider kitchen space. 


You don’t need to think about how the renovation of your kitchen can work. All you need to do is to contact an interior designer who provides a kitchen renovation Singapore package. You will be directed on how well the kitchen design suits you. 


Your budget, your everyday movement at home, and so on. You can also talk with the designer about the paint colours, floor motifs, the installation of lights, and the placement of the kitchen set


Cheap Renovation Package In Singapore could be possible if..


One of the advantages of working with an interior designer is that you can get the latest design references as well as friendly prices. An interior designer company may offer a renovation packages Singapore to its clients. Others even offer cheap renovation package in Singapore, but the result is very satisfying. 


The service of cheap renovation package Singapore is not always according to price. It could be that the low price is leaning on a ‘heart project’ to show affection for the customers. So, don’t hesitate if one day you get a toilet renovation package in Singapore for a cheap price. Look at the interior designer first. Then, you can feel whether this is a heart project’ or just for profit. 


What Factors That Affect The Cost Of Home Renovation?


Maybe you still think that the cost of renovating a house in Singapore is always high. So, it is impossible to get a cheap renovation package in Singapore. Which interior designer dares to bet its quality on a cheap price? 


However, behind the high cost of renovating a house, there are determining factors that influence the cost. 

  • The final bill of your home renovation really depends on the size of your house. The wider the house, the more materials will be used, and the longer it will take to work. 
  • Renovating an old house costs a lot. Other people’s old house or preloved flat in Singapore always require high cost in the renovation. You may need a new design to get rid of the old style of your resale house. Herein lies the high cost of renovating your home. 
  • The need for common major works that make the cost even higher. Maybe you need to dismantling old floors, installing new floors, and polishing marble floors. Then, you need to gouge out the old wall, put up a new wall, and refine the look of the new one before it is painted. Furthermore, the walls will be painted along with the renovated ceilings. 
  • Meanwhile, major works that are no less troublesome and require other skilled labors are electrical works, plumbing works, installation of window and door panes, lighting fixtures, and haulage and disposal of debris. 


So, how much does it cost to renovate a kitchen in Singapore?


Major works required in kitchen renovation includes hacking, masonry, carpentry, and plumbing. The estimated costs you will need for this are as follows:


Major Works Light   Medium Extensive
Hacking $105 to $510 $510 to $905 $905 to $3,500
Masonry $205 to $1,500 $1,500 to $4,000 $4,000 to $12,000
Plumbing $100 to $220 $220 to $510 $510 to $1,755
Carpentry $100 to $4,450 $4,450 to $7,000 $7,000 to $18,000


How To Reduce Renovation Costs?


You may have written all the details of the costs for home renovation. In the end, you may have the question above your head, how can I reduce the renovation costs?


The only solution you need is to contact a trusted and credible interior designer who has a custom renovation packages in Singapore in its service. You have to meet Diva’s Interior Design which has a renovation package in Singapore as a solution to overcome the high price of home renovation in Singapore today. 



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