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5 Trend Contemporary Bedroom Interior Design Singapore 2021



A bedroom will always get attention when building a contemporary house because it’s the best place to rest every day. So, if you confused about finding bedroom interior design in Singapore? Come on, see the article below!

 Bedroom Interior Design Singapore 2021

Which Bedroom Design is Right for Me?

Bedroom Interior Design

In choosing the right bedroom design, you must consider your wants, needs, and even your mood. For example, you need a bedroom to rest, so you don’t need a lot of property, just look for a design that can make you comfortable and calm resting in the room.

Or if you want a bedroom with a study room or a comfortable walking closet, then the property and design must be adjusted. Including if you want to determine the single bedroom, master bedroom, or 2 bedroom condo. Of course, all of these options must have a high quality to survive in the long term.

Which Bedroom Colors are Right for Me?

Easter Coloring bedroom design singapore

There are many color choices for your HDB master bedroom design or single bedroom, if you want a calming color, you can choose pastels, light grays, and pale colors. And if you want your room to be a source of inspiration, choose a bright color. Also, consider the choice of colors in your furniture and accessories.

What type of flooring is best for my bedroom?

farmhouse boho design

Choosing a bedroom floor is also quite important, considering that we will step on it every day. There are several options for HDB bedroom design, including wooden floors that look natural and give a cool impression, or marble floors that will give an elegant impression, or you can just put down a cozy fluffy rug if your floor looks ordinary.

5 Ideas for Maximizing Space

Here we will present some bedroom interior designs as a solution for small spaces:

  1. HDB bedroom design for a narrow room style=”font-weight: 400;”>. If your bedroom is too narrow, you can combine 2 adjacent rooms to make it more flexible. This idea will make it easier for you to determine the design and layout of your room.
  2. Use a blend of colors and motifs for a small bedroom interior design. There are many choices of colors or patterns that you can apply in your room, such as vertical or horizontal striped patterns. The right color choices, such as pastel colors, will also make your narrow room look wider.
  3. Small master bedroom ideas with wardrobes. There are several bedroom design options with wardrobes that you can use if your room is too narrow. The first is to put the wardrobe position in an L shape, this will take advantage of the corner of your room. Second, take advantage of the height of space for your wardrobe, so you can get lots of places to put things. Third, take advantage of the bunk bed and design the bottom of the bed into your wardrobe.
  4. Choose accessories for small bedroom design in Singapore. The right accessories are also very decisive. If your room is small, then choose thin curtains so that as much sunlight can enter as possible. So you can keep away from the glare of the sun and your room doesn’t look cramped.
  5. HDB bedroom design with study table. If you need a desk in your small room, then take advantage of the remaining space. As for the storage of your study tools, make a multifunctional study table with lots of drawers. So your things are not cluttered and make the room look even more cramped.

How do I Furnish a Small Bedroom Design in Singapore?

Rustic Bedrrom design

You can also find other inspirations for decorating your bedroom. such as adding the appropriate color and pattern of wall paint, paying attention to the lighting in the room, using a multifunctional storage area, or something else.

Contemporary Interior Design: Bedroom

Next, about the price estimates for a contemporary interior design in the living room. Here we present the estimated prices for bedroom interior design

  • 3-room HDB bedroom design, from $ 25,000 – $ 65,000.
  • 4-room HDB bedroom design, from $ 33,000 – $ 73,000.
  • 5-room HDB bedroom design, from $ 38,000 – $ 82,000.

The estimated price above depends on the design concept that you need and the type of bedroom. This interior design order package includes the cost of design consulting, project management, space planning, checking plumbing and electricity, installing floors, ceilings, and painting. For that, you have to set aside a cost according to the estimated design that you want.

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