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4 Room HDB Floor Plan In Singapore: How To Achieve Privacy


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Many lucky Singaporeans are living in 4 room HDB flats. Since it contains four bedrooms, the size of the flat is usually bigger than other types of flats that offer 3 rooms or less. The post below shows how you can achieve privacy in your 4 room HDB flat by applying some simple interior design skills. I personally find this method useful for a 4 room flat even though the layout is slightly different. Since most HDB flats are on the ground floor, they usually have a small porch outside the main door. When no one is using it, you can use this area as a common room for all your flatmates to hang out and chat.

Furthermore, if someone sneaks back home after class or work late at night, he or she can sit there without having to worry about waking up the entire flat. Another useful tip is to put a mirror in the room so that, if someone wants to have some private time inside your flat, he or she can look at themselves by standing at this mirror. This way you won’t have to worry about having someone peek into your bedroom while you are sleeping or changing clothes.

Get USB Fans.

The first and easiest way you can cool off an indoor room is by using a USB fan. For those of you who don’t know, a USB fan plugs into any laptop or other USB power source and then blows air around. You can pick them up for under $10 at any office supply store. This was the most popular fan on the supply store last year with over 1,000 reviews. Even though there are more expensive models out there I really love this one because it has 3 speeds, oscillates side to side, and even comes with a 12-ft power cord so you have plenty of room to use it.

The only downside is that this fan does not have blades so it’s completely silent. I personally have this fan and it’s really, really great! Now you can use your laptop for more than just watching movies. It is summer in Singapore. Everyone inside your flat will usually complain about the heat, especially if you are living on the top floor of the block. So consider getting USB fans for your flatmates to cool down near their workstations or beds, especially if they are working or studying hard. If you don’t like the idea of having a mirror in your room, then you can also use USB fans to achieve privacy.

Simply plug it into any available power socket which is near the door leading to your room. If someone has entered, they will definitely hear the whirring sound of the fan so they know not to enter. As most HDB flats are rough of similar layout (the 4 room flat), if your neighbors happen to be studying even when you’re trying to rest, you can try getting some USB fans that emit white noise or pink noise. These usually come with remote control and can be put on top of your study table when you want to study. When you feel that the noise is disturbing your concentration, just turn off the fans or move them out using the remote control.

Get Some Shelves If You Have The Space.

Shelving is always a useful item when it comes to interior design. By creating space for your shoes, you can separate the “outdoor” area from your “indoor” area. You can also put away any dirty laundry and clothes that you no longer require and keep them off the ground. This will definitely save you some precious floor space. If you can build shelves, make sure they are high enough for you to put away your pans and other cooking utensils.

If not, consider getting a kitchen countertop or buying some mesh baskets that can hold most of your things. Shelves are also a great way to have some privacy in your flat. You can use them to hold books, magazines, or other decorative items. If you have the room for it, put shelves in the living room too so you can hide your gaming console or TV behind them. If you want to have a display in your living room but don’t want to disturb the people in your flat when they’re studying or sleeping, then put up brackets on either side of the shelf with some curtains. This way, when you walk by this door, all you’ll see is the curtain.

If you want top-quality curtains that are made with high-quality fabric and are designed with any color or pattern of your choice, If you have some extra space in your flat, consider finding bookshelves for each of your rooms (for example, one inside the master bedroom, one inside the living room, and once inside the guest room). This way you can place your educational textbooks, workbooks, and magazines neatly on a bookshelf instead of keeping them in your cupboards. This method will significantly reduce clutter inside the rooms as well as reduce the usage of bedside cabinets.


The trick to making your flat feel homier is to be meticulous when it comes to interior design. Always try organizing things so that you don’t spend too much time fiddling inside and out and constantly thinking of ways to make the place look more like home.

With these tips, hopefully, your friends or guests will not feel uncomfortable visiting or staying inside your flat.

These are some great ideas for decorating flats and getting the most out of it and making life easier and less stressful! I like how you guys thought it out and found an easy way to guide everyone who has a problem with their living space. If you’re planning to do a 4 room hdb floor plan for your project don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for reading 😀