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How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A 3 Room Resale Flat In Singapore?




If you’re looking to renovate your 3 room resale flat in Singapore and want to know how much it costs, read on! While 3 room flats are considered the “entry level” of living in Singapore, it’s still a good idea to do some reno before moving in.


Main Reason Why We need to Renovate 3 Room Resale Flat

Here are the 3 main reasons why you should renovate your 3 room resale flat even if it’s just for your own comfort:

  • 1) New Paint Job – Fresh coat of paint means a brighter home and new start! But most importantly, proper interior painting can help us breathing better air quality, which is very important especially when there’re children at home. Better paint job can also increase our property value too!! (Read more about this issue here.)
  • 2) Home Improvement – This is perhaps one of the most obvious reason to renovate 3 room resale flat. 3 room flats are small, so home improvement is very much needed (unless you like living in a space smaller than the size of your bedroom). The first thing that I normally recommend to 3 room flat owners is to install aircon units into all rooms. Aircon helps us save on electricity bills as well as make the house more cosy. Aside from aircons, proper kitchen and bathroom renovation is also quite important especially in 3 rd floor or lower 3 rd floor flats where ventilation isn’t too good. For other renovations, I will need a clearer idea about what type of 3 room resale flat you have if it’s possible e.g 3 rd floor or lower 3rd floor flat etc. 3) For Staging and Selling – I’ve written a separate post on 3 Room Resale Flat Renovation. In this case, you can mentally calculate the renovation costs into your selling price already when you stage it.
  • 3) 3 Room Resale Flat Renovation space3 Room Resale Flat renovation is another reason why you need to do a renovation of 3 room resale flat. 3 room flats are not very big spaces and they’re generally pretty old in terms of construction standards. 3 rd floor 3 room resale flat has even worse ventilation than lower 3rd floor 3 room resale flats. In addition to installing aircon units into all rooms, bathroom renovations are also quite important especially if these 3 rooms have bathtubs! Not many people realise that the tub causes the entire bathroom to be more humid due to steam and water vapour build up. A bathtub can actually cause fungus problems too!


#Renovate 3 Room Resale Flat Ideas with Change the Layout

3-room flats are one of the most popular options amongst new homeowners thanks to their appreciation and availability, however optimising its space needs trick, tips and inspiration.

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Dark Colour

You might have heard that dark colours can be a challenge to work with (and they are!) but you can’t deny their appeal. Dark colours will make the room appear more spacious, and it also means there’ll be less light reflection bouncing back to bother you. If we talk about 3 room resale flat renovation ideas, 3 rd floor 3 room resale flat which is commonly built in 1960s-70s should consider using dark colour e.g black or charcoal colour for 3 room resale flat renovation.


Going Open Concept

If you’re not all that keen on keeping 3 rooms in your 3 room resale flat, there are other 3 room renovation ideas that allow for an open-concept experience. 3 room renovation ideas like this involve converting the 3 rooms into one large space. This is a 3 room renovation idea many 3 rd floors 3 room resale flats may consider as they often have a shortage of living area!”

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 Styling with with a white-and-wood look

This 3 room renovation idea may not be for everyone, but it’s worth considering 3 rd floor 3 room resale flat. Essentially, the 3 rooms will be painted in a light or white colour and then have wooden furniture and fittings added to give them warmth. This will create a warmer look which works best if you don’t have 3 rd floor 3 room resale flat with 3 rd floor and above 3 room renovation ideas may not be suitable for 3 rooms 3 room resale flat because 3 rd floor 3 room resale flats have very poor ventilation.


 Adjoining bedroom into a living area.

An 3 room resale flats is a housing type that consists of three rooms, usually a living room, a bedroom and a kitchen. 3-rooms flat may also have an extra 3 room renovation ideas in the form of a small 3 room renovation ideas or study area. The concept of three rooms derives from the time where families were nuclear, consisting of three generations under one roof. In multi-generational households today, 3 rooms 3-room flat is considered to consist of six people including adults and children.

How much does it cost to renovate a 3 Room Resale Flat in Singapore?

Renovating a 3 Room Resale Flat in Singapore can vary from between $32,000 (Average renovation cost for new flat) up to $42,600 (Average renovation cost for resale flat). The renovation costs are dependent upon the number of rooms and sizes, as well as the specific renovation objectives. You can expect to pay more for renovating a larger home. Meanwhile, resale flats will also cost more to renovate