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10 Most Used Elements Of Scandinavian Interior Design In Singapore


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Scandinavian-style HDB homes are an option that is currently in demand by millennials. Basically, this Scandinavian style has a minimalist, simple, and functional building principle. Several Singapore interior design companies have also developed this concept with stunning natural elements.


Of course, it is the client’s wish that the dreamed residence also has its own characteristics. Meanwhile, the Scandinavian-style HDB house is synonymous with bright house colours like white and mixed with aesthetic elements from wood.


For that, for those of you who want to look different but with the same style, you need to know the most used element of Scandinavian interior design in Singapore. Check out the list below!



What The Most Used Element Of Scandinavian HDB House

Here are some elements that you can choose to create a Scandinavian-style Singapore interior design in your home.


  • Sunlight

The element of the first Scandinavian-style house in Singapore was sunlight. The entry of sunlight into the house through the window gap will make your small house look wider.


  • Color Blend

The second element is a combination of colours. There are no colour restrictions to choose from here, the most important thing is that these colours can be combined with other natural materials such as wood, metal, or others. Commonly used colour choices include white, brown, pastel colours, grey or black.


  • Material Made Of Wood

The key to the life of the Scandinavian style HDB house is the touch of wood materials. The addition of these elements can make the atmosphere of the house look natural and soothing. There are various types of wood that you can use as furniture at home, such as teak, mahogany, pine, ash, etc.


  • Green Plants

The Scandinavian style will always want to look like a natural environment. For that, green plants are also an important element. For them, the presence of green plants in the house makes them feel like being in the open. Also, the aesthetic value of your home will increase.


  • Box Organizer

At first glance, this may not include an aesthetic element. But if we look at the function, this thing can help you to tidily organize and manage things. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of kitchen equipment or a huge collection of books. Most importantly, you can arrange it neatly and orderly.


  • Functional And Minimalist

Choose home accessories that are minimalist but have a good function. The minimalist impression does not mean that it has to look ordinary but must still pay attention to the value of function and aesthetics. Like the room divider that comes from the cupboard/shelf, so you can put ornamental plant pots or award trophies in it.


  • Blankets, Ethnic Fabrics, Or Pillows

After all, home is a place for us to rest from the weariness of the world. So, the additional elements of a blanket or ethnic fabric on your sofa can make you more comfortable at home. Or by placing sofa cushions in the corner of your room as a place to rest and relax.


  • Objects Of Contrasting Color

If the concept of your Scandinavian-style home already has matching colors, then it doesn’t hurt to add a sharper and contrasting property color accent. Usually, the colour chosen is a colour that tends to be darker. Because this makes your home look exotic and modern.


  • Clean And Firm Furniture

The furniture chosen to complement the Scandinavian-style house is furniture that has a unique shape but remains firm. Such as the blunt edge of the table, straight and pointed table legs, or simple carving on the door handle. Classical furniture like this is what attracts enough attention.


  • Multifunctional And Modern

Multifunctional and modern objects are also characteristic elements of the Scandinavian style house. Of course, this aims to keep it impressed minimalist, but if at any time this object is needed it can be available in your home. Examples such as a dining table that can be enlarged, etc.


How Do I Choose An Scandinavian Interior Designer In Singapore?

So, the way to choose a Scandinavian interior designer in Singapore is by choosing a Singapore interior design company that can facilitate your idea of ​​building a Scandinavian-style residence. While this modern Scandinavian style is actually more popular in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, Singapore real estate is also starting to catch on.


This Scandinavian-style interior design is indeed not difficult, it’s just that the combination of every detail of the elements must be kept under the supervision of a professional. By doing so, they will guarantee a high-quality interior design.


How To Find An Element Of Scandinavian Interior Design In Singapore?

This element of Scandinavian interior design in Singapore is not difficult to find. The materials used are also easy to find, even only by utilizing available natural resources. The requirements needed to become an element of a Scandinavian house include having a unique, sophisticated, minimalist, functional, aesthetic, and natural impression.


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This is the information we can convey regarding the most used elements of Scandinavian interior design in Singapore. With this review, you can start imagining unique ideas for the interior design of your Scandinavian-style home. Make a different interior design, because the difference is the most beautiful art. May be useful.